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Minecraft action-strategy game

Minecraft Legends is an action game from Mojang AB, the same developers behind the hit sandbox game Minecraft. Featuring the signature voxel art style, you get to lead your team and your allies across battles in different maps and tilesets and defend your domain from destructive piglins.

Apart from its use of high-definition voxel visual style, Minecraft Legends combine familiar characters as well as a host of all-new designs. Its new content assures long-time fans of the franchise that this is an entirely separate experience from any of the custom content created, such as those made with Minecraft Forge.

Forge your own Legend

As with its popular predecessor, Minecraft Legends also occur in the seemingly limitless place called The Overworld. To set itself apart from Minecraft, it mixes strategy elements with the immersive feel of an action game. Meanwhile, it drops the open-world sandbox experience players loved from the original game. It lets you focus on winning and attaining predetermined goals instead of leaving you to farm and build as you please.

A significant upgrade that fans can look out for is its improved graphics. While it retains the familiar voxel art style, it is optimized for higher-end display devices as evidenced by its support for higher resolution. Also, as mentioned, it features a mix of new and existing character designs. You get to meet the classic villagers as well as new variants for mobs like skeletons and piglins.

Also, it’s important to note how games occur on predetermined maps, with each stage capturing a unique feel that players have previously encountered. From lush and colorful fantasy kingdoms to ominous-looking dungeons, you’ll get to steer and command allies to defeat opponents, reach certain goals, and secure objectives. Fans would also be delighted to know that this spinoff features a lot of new game mechanics concerning attacks, movement, and communications.

Improved gameplay experience

Minecraft Legends’ first major update patches up a handful of user-reported insufficiencies and overall streamlines and smoothens the gameplay experience. Now, team members can pick their preferred roles in the lobby, with options such as Builder, Explorer, Fighter, Piglin Hunter, and the default one, Flexible. At the same time, world map markers like Attack, Defend, Gather, and Default can be used via the chat log, making communication between players more organized and clearer.

Interestingly, turning on the new feature ‘Auto Lure’ will prompt mobs to follow the hero automatically. As for the more experimental players, Custom Campaign and Custom Versus modes can be fun to try out. These allow the player to customize their world from the size, gravity pull level, and resources, to more aspects before diving into it. The game prologue has been shortened as well, but the action levels were heightened to compensate for the new length.

There’s also the new Pet Animals feature, for those who’d like to pet all the animals and critters they meet in the Overworld. Each creature responds differently to the action, so make sure to catch and pet them all. Moreover, the update adds the new Lost Legend: the Crucible. It’s a nine-chambered area filled with enemies that get stronger as each level is cleared. Besides the aforementioned enhancements, improvements to quality of life, matchmaking, health bars, and damage are also added to the game.

A host of new gameplay models

To spice up the game, Minecraft Legends continues adding new models. Aside from the horse, bird, beetle, and tiger already in the game, players can now tame and ride on giant frogs. They can jump higher and swim faster than any of the existing mounts. This makes the amphibian mount a valuable companion, whether for going toward hard-to-reach areas or dodging piglin attacks. Aside from the frogs, witches are making a huge return. They’re no longer enemies, but NPC allies to your hero.

To balance the game, enemies also get an upgrade. A new piglin unit enters the fray with the Clanker. This wild boar character wields a pair of cymbals, not to smash in the face of the heroes, but to create stunning sound waves. Additionally, the invading faction now have the dreaded Air Choppers, windmill-like structures that blow spores into your direction. Not only do they push mobs back, but they also appear to cause DPS.

A specialized spin-off

As Minecraft’s expansive range had the potential to overwhelm new players, Minecraft Legends is its promising and more defined spinoff. By focusing on the action and strategy aspect, it works as a gateway game into the massive Mojang franchise. It has predetermined levels and goals, and you’ll have to face a mix of old and new characters—some of them being your enemies. It’s the much-awaited spinoff, and it delivers.


  • Retains voxel art but supports higher quality
  • Features a mix of old and new character designs
  • Adds new gameplay mechanics


  • Drops the iconic sandbox experience
  • Limited selection for predetermined maps

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